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Message from the Chairman and the President

Linking ICT Development to Greater Customer Value

photo:President  Satoyasu Sakashita

The FUJISOFT Group has been proactive in seeking to win orders in areas where the latest technologies and extensive experience are sought, leveraging the business expertise accumulated through the technological research and development projects it has undertaken over the years.

The Group has also focused on personnel recruitment and training, and has developed systems including those for strengthening cooperation with its business partners. At the same time, the Group has improved labor productivity and responded to rising demand across a range of areas by reducing overtime work through work style reforms such as teleworking, and by encouraging the use of the paid leave system while enhancing welfare programs for Group employees.

The Group has also taken steps to expand its businesses, including proposing services that enable new working styles, such as teleworking utilizing ICT, and solutions for addressing information leakage and other security risks.

Among the Group companies, Cyber Com Co., Ltd., a consolidated subsidiary of Fuji Soft Incorporated, and Vinx Corp., another consolidated subsidiary of Fuji Soft, changed the markets where their shares are traded to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and the second section of the TSE, respectively. Fuji Soft Service Bureau Incorporated also listed its shares on the JASDAQ market of the TSE. As these developments suggest, the Group took steps towards achieving its medium-term goal of becoming an innovative corporate group that links ICT development to greater value for customers.

Going forward, the Group will sustain its growth and enhance its added value by raising its existing businesses to higher levels, advancing the establishment of systems from a long-term perspective and responding to customer demand with the practical use of its extensive ICT-related business expertise.

April 2017
Chairman & Representative Director
Hiroshi Nozawa

President & Representative Director
Satoyasu Sakashita