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FSDTV Middleware Slim

Digital television middleware “dedicated” to digital terrestrial broadcasting - Speed up your development of digital terrestrial broadcasting receivers -


We, FUJISOFT, have developed “FSDTV® Middleware Slim” that enables short-time and low-cost development of a digital terrestrial broadcasting receiver, which is compliant with the specification guidelines for a “Simplified digital terrestrial television tuner” announced by DPA in December 2007. This middleware will speed up your development of digital terrestrial broadcasting receivers, and respond to the ever-growing market needs in the future.


In November 2007, the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications announced “the action plan for digital broadcasting promotion (the 8th edition)” and accelerated the digital broadcasting promotion plan which is in its final phase, in order to complete the spread of digital televisions. Then in December 2007 and in collaboration with Association for Promotion of Digital Broadcasting (Dpa), it announced the guidelines for "simplified digital terrestrial television tuners" in order to further encourage the broader use of DTV receiver products with reasonable pricing & features such as low-price tuners and compact-size receivers. The demand for the development, sales and diffusion of reasonably-priced DTV receivers is increasing, and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Product Features

“FSDTV® Middleware Slim” is the middleware that enables lower-cost & shorter-time development of digital terrestrial broadcasting receivers by narrowing down the functions of “FSDTV® Middleware for ARIB” to the functions compliant with the guideline for “simplified digital terrestrial television tuners”. “FSDTV® Middleware for ARIB” was designed for the development of digital terrestrial/BS/CS television receivers and has a proven track record of adoption in many DTV receivers since its release in 2006. It has been uniquely tuned to run smoothly on a low-power LSI while maintaining the high versatility of “FSDTV® Middleware for ARIB”, which is the capability of porting to any platform because of its OS/hardware independency. Furthermore it provides sample applications based on the guidelines for "simplified digital terrestrial television tuners", allowing lower-cost & shorter-time development of digital terrestrial broadcasting receivers than development in the past. In addition to “FSDTV® Middleware Slim”, we have also prepared “FSDTV® Middleware Slim Solution” that has the packaged applications necessary for our recommended LSI, OS and digital terrestrial broadcasting receiver. This solution doesn’t require any porting work or application development; therefore the development of DTV and/or set-top box will be achieved at a much lower cost and shorter time to market.



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