International Tournament

To everybody aiming at the participation to an International Robot Sumo Tournament
Please read this game rule, instructions at the time of the game.

game rule 2018(English)

We made the new firmware of start module. You can watch the explanation of actions in the video. Also professional will come to the tournament day and we will have technical support desk at the Ryogoku hall. Please feel free to ask any questions. In this year, we have set up more time for robot adjustment (December 14th from 19: 30 to 22: 30)
We are responding to maintenance and start module replacement,provision of the manufacturer's also we have technical support desk.
* If you want, you can replace a new start module on the December 14th while changing the playing field.
We would be pleased if you could use it.

Because you perform the car inspection of preventive measures against fires on Saturday on 17th,
I fill in a fire prevention check list with a correspondence result,
and bring all batteries to use in a fire prevention check list, a robot, a meeting.

・You cannot participate in the tournament at least you robot accomplish all the measures that are in this list.
Please be sure that each box is marked with "YES"