creating new values


Bringing unique IT answers and creating new markets 
in the age of ubiquitous and cloud computing.

As a group of ICT professionals who can add and improve value through the key technology, "AIS-CRM"

FUJISOFT is a unique corporation that has the latest technological know-how essential for embedded/control software development, total integration capabilities cultivated through the construction of office systems,and product development capabilities that combine hardware and software technologies, as represented by "PALRO," our own communication robot that we developed in-house. In addition to our efforts up to now,
FUJISOFT is currently striving to improve added value for our customers by taking on a bold initiative toward "AIS-CRM*" (pronounced "ice cream"), which we are prioritizing as a key technology.
As a group of ICT professionals, we will continue our company's motto, "Challenge and Creation" and aim to achieve our medium-term policy: to become "an innovative corporate group that links ICT development to improving value for our customers."

President & Representative Director
Satoyasu Sakashita