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Microsoft Solution & Cloud Center

Robot TechnologiesHumanoid “PALRO” was born as a personal home concierge that provides you with useful information and services, letting you enjoy life more.
He will add “FUN” to your life with his abilities to communicate naturally based on “Communication Intelligence technologies” & autonomous bipedal walking in living spaces based on “Mobile Intelligence technologies”.

Cloud Integration Services“FSSaaBIS” is the FUJISOFT’s original one-stop solution, combined with SaaS for Collaboration tools and virtualization environment.

Security SolutionsHave you already implemented appropriate control measures for “Information Security” and “Personal Information Protection Law”? Information leakage can cause serious damage in companies. One day you might lose your long-accumulated trust and credibility from customers all at once because of such a leakage.
Why don’t you have another look at the current security measures in your company before it happens?

Broadband SolutionsFSStream is our original one-stop service which provides all of what customers need for Internet video streaming including system development, image creation, copyright transaction, video encoding and website building.

Mobile SolutionsThe management environment of hospitals is entering into a phase of major change. For example, new Hospital Accounting Regulations have revised the system of financial statements (including cash flow statements) and hospitals are converting to a Medical Inclusive Payment System based on DPC (Diagnosis Procedure Combination). Furthermore, securing management resources by means of a new fund procurement system (such as the securitization of medical treatment fees and the issuance of hospital bonds) is being adopted. The transformation of hospital management environments is immediately required to improve the management of business operations. For such changes in the hospital management environment, FUJISOFT will support you in order to create a hospital management structure in preparation for the new era. This is based on Fujisoft’s years of experience in the latest systems.

Mobile SolutionsOne-Stop Service of the Mobile Phone Development.

Digital Living SolutionsAchieving short lead-time development of digital TV!
FSDTV is an ARIB-compatible package, enabling developers to focus on option development.