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車社会まるごとSmart Mobility ゆとりある生活を生む Smart House
Driven by various cutting-edge technologies, our car society is evolving into safe and comfortable future, which would be free from accidents or traffic jams.
Our intelligence solutions will provide cars the ability to think and make a decision automatically according to the circumstances.
Our home will watch over our family members, while sensing human motions and identifying each of the members.
It will also assist our comfortable and convenient life based on its unified control over home electronic appliances and facilities such as a bathroom as well as our eco-friendly life with energy visualization.
街まるごと Smart City 効率化と見える化で Smart Office
Understanding the flow of people in cities and buildings will forestall crimes and accidents, and assist making citizens’ life safe and comfortable and utilizing energies in an effective and planned manner. Understanding the flow of people will also help enhance security and maintain confidentiality in an office.
One of the other features of Smart Office is to improve office work efficiency based on its audio recognition and speech understanding of people in the office. It will encourage them to proceed with and complete a meeting smoothly within a scheduled time frame.

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