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Cloud Integration Services

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"FSSaaBIS" is the FUJISOFT's original one-stop solution, combined with SaaS for Collaboration tools and virtualization environment


SaaS solution - supporting any application, environment and location

FUJISOFT starts to provide "FS SaaBIS"

What is "FS SaaBIS"?

This is a new service, combining SaaS application for collaboration tools and virtualization environment together.
In addition to providing optimal solutions for customers' use environment based on taking advantage of merits as an independent vendor, FUJISOFT provides this unique & unprecedented one-stop solution by supporting ubiquitous environment by utilizing its embedded technology with reliability and various know-hows & utilizing its data center with robust security facilities.
"FSSaaBIS" has evolved "SaaS" as "SaaBIS: Software as a Business Innovation Service".

1 Enables flexible and secure access to internal and external software programs from wherever you are & access management, and simplifies your operation by sharing applications (SaaS & Thin-client)
2 Mitigates costs for server operation & management by firmly maintaining customers' in-house systems, and contributes to environmental preservation because it enables reduction of power consumption & utilization of old PCs (SaaS & Virtualization technology)
3 Offers flexible accessibility anytime and anywhere by ubiquitous environment utilizing our embedded technology with reliability and various know-hows. (Ubiquitous & Embedded technology)
Feature of FSSaaBIS