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Mobile Phone & Information Appliance Development
Mobile Phone & Information Appliance Development

Total support (from system design & development through its operation) to maximize product appeal, with focus on mobile phones and information appliances.



Minimum cost, Maximum satisfaction.

Thorough cost reduction and high reliability by modularizing and reusing development assets


We have about 40 years of developing experience and modularize all the development assets including documents and tools. Reusing the parts in efficient combinations enables a drastic cost reduction and high reliability of development.


Best solution for customers ~ independent multi-vendor ~


FUJISOFT is an independent system vendor that does not belong to any corporate group. We can offer flexible, cross-industrial business models in system design - free to choose from any platform and application as well as hardware.

All-out customer solution with community-based support


Our business locations throughout Japan ensure community-based support service - implementing all processes (development, operation and maintenance) at each base.

What is Embedded Software?

It is the software that operates in systems of equipments around you such as DVD recorders, digital televisions, other home appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, and car navigations.

System development equipped with embedded software often needs years of time and hundreds of personnel to fit its hardware of each product.There are a number of challenges in it such as reduction of development period and cost, increase of functions, and frequent change requests.

FUJISOFT has accumulated know-hows and skills of design, development and validation from many years of experience in embedded software development, and offers solutions to make the most of each product performance.

Mobile phone development

Mobile communication as typified by mobile phones is the most rapidly innovated field in the fast-evolving IT industry. It is said that the number of mobile phone users is more than 2.4 billion and still growing.
We have the advantage that our large number of specialists in mobile phone proposition and development enable us to cover a wide range of business fields.

Controls of graphic and broadcasting for information appliance

We also develop systems designed to use interoperable video and music by connecting information appliances and personal computers, and systems based on video processing.
To provide users with seamless digital lives, we make an effort for solutions of DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) and digital television that has especially been having higher-definition and more channels at a rapid pace.

Development of other embedded equipment

We provide embedded technology solutions necessary for next-generation digital home electronics, mobile devices, car electronics, equipment for various industries and RFIDs, as well as new business methods by chip business.

Validation and verification of mobile phones

Ensuring quality of software is the top priority for mobile phone development, which requires more and more multi- and high- functions.
With this situation in mind, FUJISOFT sets a department specialized in ensuring and improving quality, and provide support in validation and verification.