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Broadband Solutions
Broadband Solutions
FSStream broadband streaming solution goes beyond. Try this amazing high-definition video streaming!

What is FSStream?

Broadband streaming solution covering from image creation to high-quality & high-speed video streaming!

FSStream is our original one-stop service which provides all of what you need for Internet video streaming including system development, image creation, copyright transaction, video encoding and website building. FSStream logo


Usage Models

For Investor Relations   For E-commerce
Video streaming of company result briefings and annual shareholder’s meetings can greatly appeal to investors and analysts.   Specific demonstrations by video streaming can yield more sales profits than explanations by photos and texts.
For Seminars and Events   For Movie and Internet TV streaming
Video streaming enables people to join seminars and events anytime, anywhere.   Movie and Internet TV streaming with high-resolution picture & high-quality sound provides viewers with faithful service.
For E-learning   For Guide signs & E-posters
High realistic live video streaming enhances learning effectiveness of mass education at multiple places such as employee trainings and cram school educations.   Video utilization for product appeal and hot item introduction can distribute “Eye-grabbing” and “Attention-drawing” information.
For Recruitment  For Product Description
Accurately expressed corporate atmosphere by video streaming with unsurpassed image reproducing technology can deliver information reachable to TV generation students.  Video and sound instructions can make it easy to use products with confusing operation methods, and offer greater chances to yield more sales profits.