creating new values

Our Vision

"AIS-CRM": Taking on bold challenges toward new technologies

FUJISOFT integrates the technology and solutions that it has cultivated to create new kinds of added value and business opportunities.
We provide our customers with optimized services and products, by constantly creating services that meet the cutting-edge needs of the times.


"AI" for our customers' business
We provide our customers with optimized services, making use of cutting-edge "AI" and integrating it from the viewpoints of management, business, and technology.
Integrating IoT that meets the cutting-edge needs of the times
We provide the IoT world with a one-stop service, combining things such as embedded technology and big data analysis.
Addressing various kinds of threats, contributing to the safety and profitof our customers
We provide total security that addresses the variety of threats that accompany the development of new technologies, and contribute to the safety and profit of our customers.
Cloud services that support various forms of industry and business
We provide cloud services that are suitable for various forms of industry and business, in line with the private or professional needs of our customers.
Advanced technology that enables the development of AI, robotics, and communication robots
We create new values by making use of "PALRO," a communication robot which combines AI and robotics technology, and by using software technology that supports the industrial robot field.
Achieving "a world in which people can be connected anytime, anywhere" by using various devices
We support a world in which people can "be connected anytime, anywhere," by linking various kinds of devices such as digital appliances, mobiles, vehicles, and FA/OA to a cloud.
Building a smart-mobility society
We strive to support ever-evolving automotive software and integrate in-vehicle systems with information/communication platforms.