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Corporate Information

When was FUJI SOFT INCORPORATED established?

It was established as Fuji Software Laboratory Ltd. in May 1970. It merged with ABC Co., Ltd. in October 1996 and changed its name to FUJISOFT ABC INCORPORATED.
It has changed its name to FUJI SOFT INCORPORATED in July 2006.

Which stock exchange is the Company listed on?

It is listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

When was the Company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

It was listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in October 1992, on the First Section in September 1998 and it has transferred to the Prime Market in April 2022.

What is the Company's principal business?

The Company's businesses are the system integration business, facility business, and other businesses.
The system integration business is further divided into system construction and products and services. In system construction, the Company develops embedded systems that are integrated in every type of equipment, such as mobile phones, consumer electronics, and industrial equipment and in the systems required in operations such as finance, distribution and manufacturing. In products and services, the Company services its own products and offers its own unique outsourcing services, leveraging the expertise it has cultivated in developing embedded software and operation software.

Please provide information about your Group companies.

The Company has Group companies, which include, among others, Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd (Standard Market of the TSE), and Vinx Corporation (Standard Market of the TSE), Cyber Com Co., Ltd (Standard Market of the TSE), FUJI SOFT SERVICE BREAU INCORPORATED(Standard Market of the TSE),and operates by creating synergies among them.

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Business Results and Financial Matters

When does the fiscal year close?

The closing date of the fiscal year is December 31. Results are announced every quarter.

When are business results announced?

For the earliest date on which business results are announced, please refer to the "IR Calendar".

Where can documents about business results be obtained ?

Please refer to the financial results, supplementary Information about financial results, presentation materials, fact book, and other supporting documents in the "IR Library".

What is the status of corporate bond issuance?

Please refer to "Bonds and Ratings".

What accounting standard does the Company use?

The Company's consolidated financial statements are compiled in compliance with the corporate accounting principles generally accepted in Japan.

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Stock Information

What is the securities code of the Company?

It is 9749. The Company's business falls under the category of information and communications.

What is a trading unit of the Company's shares?

It is 100 shares.

When is the ordinary general meeting of shareholders held?

It is held around March every year. A detailed schedule is included in the notice of the shareholders’ meeting .
For the dates of past ordinary meetings of shareholders, refer to IR Calendar.

What dividends are paid?

For dividends per share, please refer to "Dividends" in the financial results.