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Message from the Chairman and the President

    Director & Executive Adviser    President & Representative Director

FUJI SOFT celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in May 2020.

This would not have been possible without the untiring

generous support of our shareholders and the special

consideration of our stakeholders, and we would like to

offer them all our sincere thanks.

In the information services industry, ICT investment to strengthen management is becoming increasingly important amid digital transformation. We are leveraging our technological capabilities in software development accumulated since our foundation to contribute to Japanese industrial development in a wide range of areas, including research and development at the cutting edge of technology (AIS-CRM explained later) and the development and provision of own-brand products.
 Moreover, in light of growing demand for new digital business creation and innovation utilizing ICT, we are also putting particular effort into the development of human resources and, by focusing all our efforts on the development of highly skilled engineers (project managers and specialists) as well as the development of young employees, we aim to create a structure for the development of technologies and services that meet market needs, and will continue solving the challenges faced by society and bringing about innovation.
 Turning to our performance in fiscal year ended December 31,2019, as shown on the next page, net sales were 231,074 million yen (an increase of 113.1% year on year). We paid an annual dividend per share for fiscal year 2019 of 42 yen. To mark our anniversary in May this year, we will be paying a commemorative dividend of 5 yen per share for fiscal year ending December 31, 2020, bringing the annual dividend per share to 51 yen (consisting of an interim dividend of 23 yen, a commemorative dividend of 5 yen, and a year-end dividend of 23 yen).
 In 2020, we will pull together to achieve further growth, ‘aiming to become an innovative corporate group that links ICT development to greater value for customers,’ as described in our medium-term policy. We ask for the continued support of all shareholders.

Director & Executive Adviser
Hiroshi Nozawa

President & Representative Director
Satoyasu Sakashita

Business Strategy ● Three Strengths Underpinning FUJI SOFT’s Growth

The development of embedded and control software, which has been our core business since our foundation, and operation system integration services in fields such as distribution, manufacturing and finance. Technologies supporting business innovation and manufacturing for ensuring that these businesses survive in an age of global competition. These two pillars plus the product provision capability built up through in-house R&D and collaborative development make up the three strengths that underpin our business strategy.

AIS-CRM: Taking on bold challenges toward new technologies

We have grouped AI, IoT, Security, Cloud, Robot, Mobile & Automotive technologies into a new field called AIS-CRM. FUJI SOFT integrates the technology and solutions that it has cultivated to create new kinds of added value and business opportunities. We provide our customers with optimized services and products, by constantly creating services that meet the cutting-edge needs of the times.

Results Forecasts for FY2020