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Japanese digital broadcasting not only makes modifications and additions to its standard frequently but also has high requirements on the software; therefore it appears to be a reality that even just the development and verification of ARIB-compliant software can be costly & time consuming. As digital broadcast receivers begin to proliferate into every home, each manufacturer should spend their money to enhance their hardware and applications rather than to comply with the standard, which would help differentiate themselves from their competitors. Our middleware is the one that helps you do so.

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FSDTV Middleware for ARIB

Execute modules (Binary form)
User’s manual

API specifications
FSDTV Sample Applications

Program source

Application design guide

※This includes the license defined in our Software License Agreement.

Type of Agreement

License sales
  ※Porting fees are required separately.
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Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service Agreement is required on the purchase of “FSDTV® Middleware for ARIB”.

Technical support
  Q&A support will be provided (but not for sample applications).

Basic Functions

“FSDTV® Middleware for ARIB” provides the following functional libraries:

Channel Selection Library
  Easily achieve the channel selection processing sequence as defined by ARIB
PSI/SI Library
  Conduct reception control and version management of PSI/SI section as defined by ARIB
Download Library
  Easily achieve the reception control of data broadcasting contents, all-receiver common data and software download data
PES Library
  Conduct the reception control of the independent PES
CAS Library
  Conduct descramble control that is compliant with ARIB Conditional Access System
AV Library
  Conduct MPEG video/audio decode control and video/audio output control


“FSDTV® Middleware for ARIB” is software that is compliant with the following standard and technical reports defined by ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses).

Technical Reports
ARIB TR-B14 Operational Guidelines for Digital Terrestrial Television Broadcasting
ARIB TR-B15 Operational Guidelines for Digital Satellite Broadcasting
ARIB TR-B39 Operation Regulations for Advanced Broadband Satellite Digital Broadcasting
Conformed Standard
ARIB STB-B10 Service Information for Digital Broadcasting System
ARIB STB-B25 Conditional Access System Specifications for Digital Broadcasting
ARIB STD-B60 Media Transport Method Standard by MMT in Digital Broadcasting
ARIB STD-B61 Access Control Method (2nd Generation) in Digital Broadcasting and Downloading Method Standards of CAS Program

System Environment

Available to support various types of OS/hardware by customizing the system porting layer since “FSDTV® Middleware for ARIB” has a highly portable structure that absorbs the differences between various OS/hardware

Supported OS
  Linux, VxWorks, Windows CE and other embedded OS

Available to support CPUs of any manufacturer

※Please contact us for the details.