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“FSDTV Middleware” for any DTV standard in the world New platform that opens up the possibilities for DTV


In a digitalized society, the huge market of “Information Appliances” is expanding not only in Japan but all over the world. Digital Television (DTV) and the surrounding Home Networking area are evolving on a daily basis through the integration of various functions and new services such as Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting.  

Based on our “FSDTV Middleware”, a platform that expands the possibilities for DTV, FUJISOFT developed various solutions. The main feature of “FSDTV Middleware for ARIB”, our core solution, has the capability of adding various applications as options to the middleware, for example, adding our “DLNA Solution” easily makes DLNA Home Networking possible, and by combining with other FSDTV solutions, it is possible to create more attractive value added products. In addition, we have developed the platforms that support digital broadcasting standards from around the world while maintaining the highly-versatile features of “FSDTV Middleware for ARIB”.

As a product development partner in the Information Appliance Market, we can strongly support your business strategy by providing advantages such as reduced costs and shorter time to market for your DTV products as well as proposing future innovations.

Solution List

  FSDTV Middleware
  • Package solution for DTV development
  • Compliant with the standard of ARIB as default
  • Available to add various optional applications
Reduce time to market


Optimized product for IPTV - based on DTV software package “FSDTV Middleware for ARIB”
Significantly reduce cost and time to market of product development for internet protocol television broadcasting and digital terrestrial broadcast retransmission

FSDTV For Mobile

Make mobile TV device development with reduced costs and shorter time to market possible
Optimized package to support the development of mobile devices that receive one-segment digital terrestrial broadcasting
  Digital Living Video Solution One-stop service providing everything from a video streaming service through arranging digital contents and suggesting optimized software