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What is the next step after television?

It would be the evolution of television itself, which is brought by digitalization.

We believe that the role of next generation TV is to provide our living space with “New Convergence” – the world that accelerates the linkage and integration of contents, services and software.

FUJISOFT, with all of the necessary elements for “New Convergence”, has already prepared everything to support the vision of digital society into the next generation. FUJISOFT’s digital living video solution supports digital televisions that lead the trend of the next generation.



“New Convergence” realized by FUJISOFT



3 elements for “New Convergence”

3 elements for “New Convergence” FSDTV Middleware
Digital Television Development Solution
New platform that opens up the possibilities of digital television
Highly versatile digital television development middleware that supports all digital broadcasting standards around the world
Video Distribution Service (Streaming Service)
High speed distribution of high definition videos by advanced technologies
Contents Business
Take care of complicated and troublesome negotiation for copyrights
Video Production Service
Complete with video editing environment and specialized staff that can deal with all kinds of needs

One-stop video solution service for digital television

Digital content services require special knowledge and technologies such as coordination with content holders, copyright processing, codec technology and bulk data distribution. FUJISOFT’s video solution will provide everything from preparation of service contents through recommendation of optimized software as a one-stop service.


One-stop video solution service for digital television