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3 services of FSMobile

FSMobile®Consulting Service

This is the service to support customer's product planning aiming for producing products catching on big in the market. We propose products to meet market demands while considering the balance of "Functions", "Design", "Quality", "Cost" and "Time to delivery", and our professional staffs with full knowledge of Japanese market & mobile operators offer consultations from planning to maintenance after the product shipment. Planning & Proposal Service
FSMobile®Product Service

This is the service to develop products to meet customers' request, using FSMobile® software as a core part.

FSMobile Product Service

FSMobile®Validation & Verification Service
This is the service to evaluate the product quality and obtain various standard certifications. We support or perform the "Validation" and "Verification" of the tests necessary for customers' product development such as quality evaluation, protocol and authentication. Validation & Verification Service