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"FSSaaBIS" is the FUJISOFT's original one-stop solution, combined with SaaS for Collaboration tools and virtualization environment.

Thin-client solution verificaion center

*1 (The cost calculation is based on our results.)

Feature 1

TCO reduction Our thin-client technology offers solutions for pesky operation & management of computers, which are increasing due to business expansion & located at numerous bases.
PC operation cost Reduces application introduction cost & maintenance cost of client PCs
Reduces costs such as repair expenses since thin-client terminals have low failure rate
Restrains Initial costs of new client PCs
PC management man-hours Makes it easy to manage widely located terminals over the nation (overseas)
Free from backup & maintenance work at local disks
Able to protect data from virus at servers with anti-virus measure
Mitigates the loads to deal with maintenance (failure & trouble)
Green IT Requires little power consumption since there is no built-in disk
Needs no machine power because no processing is needed at the client-side
Makes it possible to effectively use assets such as PCs unused and to be disposed
Existing PC utilization Needs no replacement of existing terminals due to their wear & tear
Saves costs for disposal of old PCs & purchase of new PCs


Information leakage prevention Company's trust from customers, which has built up though many years of businesses, can be lost instantly if any information leakage accident occurs. With introduction of thin-client technology, would you like to have a robust system protected from information leakage risks?

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Aggregation & Integration More new systems & systemizations of operations, more servers in companies! In addition to the initial introduction rate, implementation of servers requires enormous costs such as management man-day & electricity charge that accompany with the operation.

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