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SaaS application for collaboration tools

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"FSSaaBIS" is the FUJISOFT's original one-stop solution, combined with SaaS for Collaboration tools and virtualization environment.

The SaaS application schematic diagram

For a company with 1,000 employees:
Google Apps
The SaaS applications
  Sign-onSaaS type Single Sign-On Service
Management of entrance of all SaaS
service and User ID
GroupwareGroupware function
(Provided by NEOJAPAN, Inc.)
WEB seminarWEB seminar function
(Provided by V-cube, Inc.)
WEB conferenceWEB teleconference function
(Provided by V-cube, Inc.)
SpreadsheetSpreadsheet function
Excel equivalent function
(Provided by Infoteria Online Corporation)
Site managementHome page maintenance function
(Provided by Cyberstation, Inc.)