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The high versatility (OS/hardware-independent) & various applications of the optimized “FSDTV® Middleware for ARIB” will allow you to develop digital television in a short period of time at low cost.
Optimized package for the standard of ARIB  
This middleware has the software stack to support the terrestrial/BS/110CS and new BS4K/110CS4K digital television broadcasting reception. The variety of its libraries makes it possible to develop applications freely. Optimized package for the standard of ARIB
Flexibly customizable configuration  
This can be provided by module since the software stacks are comprised of the functions compliant to the standard of ARIB, and each of the modules is independent. Flexibly customizable configuration
Highly versatile & OS/hardware-independent  
This is capable of operating on various target systems. We are also available to support porting to your target system. Highly versatile & OS/hardware-independent
Wide variety of sample applications  
The provided functions include the source codes of sample applications that enable the basic functions of a digital broadcasting receiver, and the source codes are freely customizable. Wide variety of sample applications
Shorter-period & lower-cost DTV development  
The functions that are compliant to the standard of ARIB are already prepared in this middleware, so the implementation will realize the analogue television-equivalent functions including audio and visual presentations without customization. This will achieve the development schedule that meets your business strategy. Shorter-period & lower-cost DTV development


※FSDTV® is a registered trademark of FUJISOFT INCORPORATED.