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“FSDTV® Middleware for IPTV” is provided in the software architecture described below. The system porting layer requires porting and customization in accordance with the OS/hardware where the middleware actually runs.


Block Details in the Software Architecture

1 Channel Selection Library
  The main functions of this module are to conduct the channel selection control and channel scan control.
2 AV Library
  This module conducts the video/audio decode control, built-in sound playback and video/audio output control.
3 PSI/SI Library
  This module conducts the reception control of the PSI section (PAT, PMT, NIT) and SI section (BIT, SDT, EIT, NBIT, LDT).
  ○ PSI section reception control function
  ○ SI section reception control function
4 PES Library
  This module conducts the reception control of the independent PES (except video/audio PES) necessary to display subtitles/news tickers.
  ○ Independent PES reception control function
5 Download Library
  This module conducts the reception control of DSMCC that is necessary when obtaining content information, software downloads, and all receiver-common information, which are necessary for displaying broadcasted contents.
  ○ Software/All model-common information download control function
  ○ Software/All model-common information download information acquisition function
  ○ DII/DDB reception control function
  ○ DII/DDB reception information acquisition function
6 DRM Library
  This module has the following conditional access/digital right management functions, working together with a main library provided by a third party:
  ○ Descramble control function
  ○ License control function
  ○ CRL acquisition control function
  ○ CAS/DRM server communication control function
  ○ Time control function
7 System Porting Layer
  This layer consists of libraries that absorb dependencies on OS/hardware, and requires porting work based on the target OS/hardware.

Module Structure

“FSDTV® Middleware for IPTV” provides all of the functional requirements for each functional module as API.


※IPTV Forum Japan Limited Liability Intermediate Corporation