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Optimized package for the standard of IPTV  
This middleware has a software stack for IPTV. The variety of its libraries makes it possible to develop applications freely. Optimized package for the standard of IPTV
Highly versatile & OS/hardware-independent  
It has been designed so that the system porting wrapper absorbs the system-dependent part, which gives the capability of operating on various target systems. Highly versatile & OS/hardware-independent
Based on our know-how of broadcasting systems  
The upper protocol of IPTV is very similar to the broadcast protocol defined by ARIB, so this middleware has been realized by making the most of our own know-how accumulated through digital broadcasting system development. Based on our know-how of broadcasting systems
Flexibly customizable configuration  
Each of the libraries, except the channel selection library, has been designed to be independent from others; therefore this middleware is capable of being installed by module. Flexibly customizable configuration
Shorter-period & lower-cost DTV development  
All of the essential functions for IPTV development are packaged in this middleware, so the development will be achieved at low costs and with a shorter time to market. Such cost reduction will let you afford to put more money into the development of hardware and/or applications to differentiate your product from other competitors’. Shorter-period & lower-cost DTV development


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