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Development Example

Mobile communication device development of non-mobile business related companies

FSMobile® works on as a core part in development of customers' original mobile communication devices. We can provide the one-stop service starting from product planning, design, and software/hardware development to mass production.

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Private-brand mobile phone connecting with users

This private-brand mobile phone FUJISOFT proposes is the business of mobile phones and other mobile communication devices to be deployed as own-brand products by companies like distributive firms other than mobile handset manufacturers & mobile operators.

Nowadays mobile phones/ devices won't be selected for purchase by users only from their functions as they keep evolving dramatically. There are so many new technologies and means to come out one after another through mobile marketing. Especially MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) system has enabled companies seemingly not related to mobile communication business to venture into a new business of such by renting a wireless infrastructure from a mobile operator.

Through this business, FUJISOFT will establish the "connection" between you, the brand provider, and users.

Private-brand mobile phone connecting with users