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Autonomous Type Start System

Since 2018 the AJRST Secretariat changed the Start System in Autonomous Type, the rule of waiting 5 seconds was abolished and now is obsolete. Some updates can be made for the upcoming editions, please check and study the specs of the new system. The new Start System is based in IR LED technology, both emitter and receiver.

Judge Remote Control

The judge remote control can be operated only by the main Referee. 

Start Module

The Start Module is the device that rules the electronic circuit operation of the robot.

Players should use a start module in their robot in order to start/stop the movement of their robots remotely. The start module should be placed in the top of the robot to avoid obstruction of the signal.

Players can use their own built-in start module or the start module produced by Jsumo . The start module should use infrared light (IR LED) with the next specs:
wavelength  950 nm, Duty Frequency: 38-40 kHz,  any Sony brand remote control can be used for the signal.

The process of activation works with 3 states: 1-Ready, 2-Start, 3-Stop, the stop state should be permanent and to reboot the start module you should turn off and turn on the electronics stage of your robot.

Procedures for an Auto Match

1. The player should setup the Start Module in accordance to the Referee Instructions. This means recording the correct values of each state in the Start Module.

2. After the robots are placed in the Dohyo the Referee will press the "Ready" button twice in order to corroborate the signal. If the signal is received correctly the players should rase their hand to confirm visually the Referee.

3. Then the Referee will proceed to say "Hakke-Yoi Nokotta" and will press the "Start" button, both robots should start moving immediately.

4. Once the match is end or the Referee decides to stop the match, he will press the "Stop" button, both robots should stop moving immediately. If the Referee is unable to stop the robots players can help using their Remote Control. 

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