Every year the All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament (hereinafter referred as “AJRST”) has the participation of hundreds of international and Japanese players. We count with very experienced players but also with new coming players that will live the AJRST experience for first time.

How to Participate

The AJRST Grand Final is a nonprofit event, for this reason it is not possible to participate paying a directly inscription fee, instead the AJRST aims to gather the best of the best technology and robotics developers of around the world by their own skills and effort through the official tournaments. 

1. Prepare your robot

2. Check the Official Tournament List

3. Register your robot.
**Notice that international official tournaments are not organized by the AJRST Secretariat so they can have any inscription fee.

4.Compete in the Official Tournament

5. Win 1st place and obtain a Certification

6. Fill out the Winners Registration Form

7. Prepare your trip: documents and robot

What is a Certification?

A certification (also referred as accreditation in some countries) is an official document issued only by the AJRST secretariat, that grants the right to participate in the AJRST Grand Final of the current year.

To obtain a certification it is mandatory to win 1st place in one of our official tournaments in any official category.

Types of a Certification

There are different kinds of certification that can be grant and them are granted in different situations but remember that the main one is the “Winner Certification”.

1.Winner Certification: is the certification granted to the 1st place of an official tournament in any type of robot. (RC or Autonomous)

2.Country Representative Certification: this certification is granted to new coming countries that don´t have any official tournament in their nation mainly.

3.Special Invitation: this certification is granted to special guests that will attend the AJRST Grand Final as non-players. For example: Academic representatives, Embassy Representatives, Official Tournament Organizer Representatives and International Referee Seminar Participants.

Benefits of a Certification

The benefits that offers one certification are as follows:

1.The right to participate in the AJRST Grand Final with one robot and 2 persons attached (Operator & Assistant)

2.Hotel expenses inside Japan for two persons.

3.Shuttle bus inside Japan for two persons from Airport-Hotel-Venue-Hotel-Airport.
**These benefits cannot be modified or changed without exception.
**In the case of Mini-sumo, Micro-sumo and Nano-sumo categories only one person can be attached and Hotel support is not provided.

Certification Delivery

The process to deliver a certification to a winner is as follows:

1.The winner should fill the 【5.Winners Registration Form】

2.When the Basic Information section is filled the AJRST secretariat will elaborate the certification and send it to the winner in format PDF via email. (This process can take 1-2 weeks)

3.The physical certification will be delivered during the Grand Final in Japan.

Rules of a Certification

1.A certification is valid only for the AJRST Grand Final of the current year when was obtained.

2.The certification is not transferable to another person or robot, it only applies to the persons and robot that were registered.

3.Once the certification is printed it cannot be modified, so please fill the winner register form carefully.

4.If a player won twice a certification in different international official tournaments, he should choose which certification will use. And the other certification will be granted to the second place of the tournament, if the same situation prevails with the second place it will apply the above, and so on.

Thus, the certification cannot be transferred to another robot of the same team, unless the above is met.

5.One person cannot be registered as operator of two robots, however one person can be registered as operator of one robot and assistant of another robot.

6.It is strictly prohibited to sell or buy a certification. If someone is surprised selling or buying a certification, he/she will be banned from the AJRST Grand Final forever. 

Coming to Grand Final

Preparing all your documents

We recommend you to check all the documents that will be required for your trip and entrance in Japan. These documents depend on your nationality, some countries need VISA to enter Japan. 

List of required documents to enter Japan is as follows:

1.Passport: all foreigners need valid passport to enter Japan, this is mandatory.

2.VISA: some countries need VISA to enter Japan. Please Click Here to check all the information. In case of requiring VISA the AJRST Secretariat can issue support documents for the applying process. Please ask us these documents in advance.

3.AJRST Certification: before entering Japan, your visit purpose will be required, since you come to a robotics competition you must show the document that endorses you will attend the tournament. Please carry your certification during your whole trip in digital or physical format.

4.Institution letter: if you represent any Institution (College, University, Research Center, Company, etc.) please ask to the person in charge a letter explaining the reason of your trip, as well as the list of materials or equipment you are carrying on.

Robot Travel Considerations

Your robot is an important item that you must care during your trip. Due to the fact that it is technology equipment there are some measures we recommend to take:

1.Carry on your robot in a special case with sponge to absorb impacts, remember that the baggage is not treated carefully. So, protect your robot of any incident due to the airport’s baggage operation.

2.Print a brief letter that explains the content of your case and place it in a visible part.    It could be as follows: “THE CONTENT OF THIS PACKAGE IS ONLY FOR ACADEMIC AND COMPETITIVE PURPOSES”. Also, you can add a copy of the Certification document or Institution Letter.

3.Check all the technical issues that can provoke accidents. Cover the blade of your robot, discharge the LiPo batteries and keep them inside of a Fireproof LiPo Bag, don´t leave connected the batteries to the electronics of your robot, etc.

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