Official Tournaments

What is?

An Official Tournament is authorized by the AJRST Secretariat to grant Winners Certifications to the champions. There are 2 kinds of Official Tournaments:

1.Local Tournaments: held inside Japan.

2.International Tournaments: held outside Japan in different countries.

To become an Official Tournament the interested organizers should apply the registration process.

2020 Japan Tournaments List & Map

Local tournaments are those held inside in Japan. The main propose of these tournaments is to encourage students of high school and bachelors degree to develop robot sumo. Of course, these tournaments are also open for any person who is interested in participating.

How to become an Official Tournament

Fill out the registration form in google drive.
**Notice: you should read the Guidelines below.

After being processed, results will be sent to you by email.

If your tournament becomes official a PDF certification and instructions will arrive by email.

Fill out the 【4.Results Form】Official Tournaments 2020 completely and with evidence after your tournament is ended.

After your results are confirmed, the certification will be sent to the winners of your tournament in PDF format.

Notices and Warnings

1. The official way of communication with the AJRST Secretariat is by email. Check your email spam frequently. Main account:, International Relations accounts: and .

2. Whole the information shared in the registration forms is protected by our Policy of Privacy.

3. Please fill the registration form carefully and completely, don´t skip any information that is required, if you don´t have whole information please notice to the AJRST Secretariat. Your information should be truthful.

4. You should realize that filling the registration form is not a guarantee of becoming an official tournament, the AJRST Secretariat will evaluate and analyze your information and take a decision based in it.

5. If your tournament is accepted as official it would be noticed to you by email with an attached certification in PDF format. The name of your tournament will appear in the list of official tournaments posted in our social media.

6. Carry out your tournament safely and following all the rules of an official tournament, if you have any problem to carry out the tournament due to any organizing problem please notify in advance to the AJRST Secretariat.

7. Save all the information and evidence of your tournament since you should report the results: Winners information, robots information, pictures, videos, etc. Notice that if your tournament is official but you don´t follow the rules or any discrepancy is discovered, the AJRST Secretariat can deny the certifications to the winners and ban your tournament.

Certification Rules

1.To grant a certification 10 participating robots should be registered as minimum in each category (Sumo RC, Sumo Autonomous, Mini-sumo). And the tournament should held at least two of the official categories.

2.A certification is valid only for the AJRST Grand Final of the current year when was obtained.

3.If a player won twice a certification in different international official tournaments, he should choose which certification will use. And the other certification will be granted to the second place of the tournament, if the same situation prevails with the second place it will apply the above, and so on. Thus, the certification cannot be transferred to another robot of the same team, unless the above is met.

4.It is strictly prohibited to sell or buy a certification. If someone is surprised selling or buying a certification, he/she will be banned from the AJRST Grand Final forever.

Tournament Rules

1.The AJRST Official Regulation should be followed in each category (RC and Autonomous).

2.One person cannot be registered as operator of two robots, however one person can be registered as operator of one robot and assistant of another robot.

3.The information provided by the organizers of official tournaments in the registration form and results form should be truthful.

4.The results of the tournament should be provided to the AJRST Secretariat by the organizers maximum 10 days after the tournament ending, if the results are not provided, the winners certification will be denied and other sanctions can be applied to the tournament (banning) .

5.The organizers are responsible of the safety and wellbeing of the staff, players and visitors of the tournament.

6.The organizers are responsible to have the minimum required equipment to carry out the tournament properly. (metal Dohyos, remote controls, start modules, weighing machine, inspection box, etc.)

7.If the tournament is not held due to any problem, the organizer should notice this to the AJRST Secretariat at least 2 weeks prior the date of the tournament.

8.Tournaments held in countries that require VISA after November 1st will be considered for 2021 participation. For all Tournaments held after November 15th the same will apply.

9.The organizers of official tournaments should use the official logo of AJRST in their tournament poster without changing color or deforming it.

**Notice: if you are not official tournament you cannot use our logo in your poster, the usage of the AJRST logo for different proposes should be approved by the AJRST Secretariat.

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