Mini-sumo Details

[Mini-sumo Regulation 2020]

Please follow this regulation for Mini-sumo category to participate in the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament Grand Final.

-Only one operator can be registered per robot, no assistant is required or allowed.
-Mini-sumo category follows and should fulfill strictly the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament Official Regulation, however the robot and dohyo specifications are different.
-Mini-sumo robots should be Autonomous type only. Thus, the same start system as sumo Autonomous will be used.

Robot Specifications
  -Measure: less than or equal to 10cm x 10cm, no high restriction.
  -Weight: less than or equal to 500gr.
  -Any device or component to fix the robot to the Dohyo is prohibited.

Dohyo Specifications
-Dohyo: shall be a circular wood frame of 77 cm diameter (including Tawara) which is covered by a black wood sheet located on the top at 2.5 cm of height.
-Shikiri-sen: shall be indicated as two brown lines with a width of 1cm and a length of 10 cm. Each line shall be located at 5 cm right and left from the center of the Dohyo.
-Tawara line: shall be indicated by a white circle line of 2.5 cm width, from the inside to the outer line of Dohyo (The Tawara shall be considered as within of the Dohyo)

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