Mr. Hiroshi Nozawa is the founder and former president of the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament, as well as Fujisoft Incorporated. The tournament was created from Mr. Nozawa’s dream of encouraging the young people to develop technology and robotics through the Monozukuri philosophy.


What is Robot Sumo?

It is a robotics competition category that simulates the Japanese national wrestling sport: Sumo (相撲). Robot sumo has two types of robots: RC and Autonomous. The first one is controlled by an operator through a radio-control system and the autonomous type is operated by itself with a computer code loaded in its system.

Robot sumo must weigh 3 kg or less and must measure 20 cm depth x 20 cm wide or less (no restrictions on Height) .

Two robots are placed in a Dohyo (fight area), when the judge says “Hakke-yoi Nokotta” the robots start fighting.

Basic Rules

A robot sumo wins when the opponent robot touches the outside area of the Dohyo and must be design only to push, designs with weapons or devices to damage the other robot are prohibited.

Official Categories

Recently, the official categories for the All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament increased, the current official categories or classes are as follows:

Principle and Philosophy

Robot sumo is one of the best categories to learn fundamentals of engineering: mechanical design, manufacture, electronics and coding. The 5 principles of robot sumo are:

1. Fair Play-Security First
2. Generous Heart
3. Technology Transfer
4. Communication among players
5. Technology Challenge

Our Mascot

"Robochan" is the name of our mascot, he is wearing a "mawashi", traditional sumo belt.
We are very proud of our mascot, for this reason it appears in our logo.

When and Where

Every year the tournament is held on the second weekend of December in Ryōgoku Kokugikan Stadium, Tokyo, Japan. The general agenda of the tournament is as follows:

World Wide Map

The All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament has collaborated with more than 30 countries since 1998. The following map shows our collaborations.

Secretariat Members

Mr. Takeshi Kanai
Vice-President of All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament.

Mr. Toru Adachi
General Secretary of All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament.

Ms. Eri Baterdene
International Affairs of All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament.

Mr. Alexis Canchola
International Affairs of All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament.

Mr. Takahiro Watanabe
National Affairs of All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament.

Ms. Yukie Inoue
National Affairs of All Japan Robot-Sumo Tournament.

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